Casino Night Event Planning

When planning your casino night, we can help you with the event planning of the casino in a number of ways.  Everything from the number gaming tables and equipment for your casino night all the way down to the venues we think will suite your needs.  The number of tables needed for your event is determined by the number of guests attending  and the square footage of your party location. If gambling is to be the only event for the evening, you should expect 50% to 60% of all attendees will be gambling at the same time. Other activities such as dining and dancing will decrease the percentage of players accordingly. We will assist you with the event planning by helping you in determining what best suits your needs.

The following is a general guide to determine how many tables and how much space will be required for the number of guests playing simultaneously.
PlayersBlackjackTexas HoldemRouletteCraps (8 foot table)
34 Players2 Tables  —1 Table1 Table
48 Players4 Tables  —1 Table1 Table
64 Players5 Tables1 Table1 Table1 Table
78 Players7 Tables1 Table1 Table1 Table
101 Players9 Tables2 Table1 Table1 Table
PlayersBlackjackTexas HoldemRouletteCraps (12 foot table)Casino War3 Card Poker
116 Players10 Tables2 Tables1 Table1 Table  —  —
130 Players11 Tables2 Tables1 Table1 Table  —1 Table
153 Players12 Tables3 Tables1 Table1 Table1 Table1 Table
173 Players12 Tables3 Tables1 Table2 Tables1 Table1 Table
187 Players14 Tables3 Tables1 Table2 Tables1 Table1 Table
211 Players15 Tables4 Tables2 Tables2 Tables1 Table1 Table
225 Players16 Tables4 Tables2 Tables2 Tables1 Table2 Tables
240 Players17 Tables4 Tables3 Tables2 Tables1 Table2 Tables
256 Players18 Tables5 Tables3 Tables2 Tables1 Table2 Tables
Casino TablesMax PlayersTable DimensionsSquare Feet Needed
Blackjack (sit-down table)67 feet x 3½ feet100
Blackjack (stand-up table)77 feet x 3½ feet100
Texas Holdem98 feet x 4 feet100
Roulette88 feet x 4 feet100
Craps (8 foot table)128 feet x 4 feet100
Craps (12 foot table)2012 feet x 4 feet130
Casino War77 feet x 3½ feet100
3 Card Poker77 feet x 3½ feet100
Wheel of Fortune67 feet x 3½ feet100